Kristine Diekman, VIC Director, receives funds for new media installation

Kristine Diekman receives funding from CSUSM Faculty Development Grant for her proposal for a new media installation art work, “Line of Duty”.

Line of Duty is a media art installation based on the experiences of women veterans having served in Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom. The artwork integrates their writing about deployment in an immersive environment that includes objects that when touched, moved or interacted with tell their stories through audio and video. The predominance of veterans in Southern California and the distinct experience of the woman within the military make this work important.  One aspect of the artwork is to raise awareness of such experiences by giving voice to women in the military who often return feeling invisible. This work is relevant to the current artistic discipline of new media (computer based artworks) through its use of physical computing (using programming to make art objects interactive) as a methodology to bring the audience literally and metaphorically in touch with the artwork. Physical interfaces utilizing touch, proximity, heat, movement and light enable the public to hear and see the women’s stories projected into the art installation environment.

Diekman started working on prototypes for this installation during invited residencies at Banff New Media Institute and MacDowell Colony during her 2008 -2009 sabbatical. She is pleased to be supported in the further development of this work. This work is a continuation of VIC’s dedication to forward the voices and stories of those who may not be heard in mainstream media, and to develop media genres that bring us new awareness and understanding of experiences that may not be our own.

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